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Small Town Snapshot: Life in Almonte

Almonte is a picturesque, historic mill town about 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Formerly a booming textile centre, today Almonte is a popular place to live for those looking to experience small-town life in Ontario. The “Friendly Town” has several claims to fame, not least of which is the picturesque setting along the Mississippi River. It was the birthplace of the inventor of basketball, James Naismith, and is the filming location for many Hallmark Christmas movies. If you’re thinking of moving to Almonte, or just want to take a weekend visit, here are some of the must-see and do sights, shops, and restaurants in the area:

The Sights

Mississippi River

Take a walk along the scenic Riverwalk, a boardwalk path along the Mississippi River that starts at the Old Town Hall. This walk lets you see remnants of the mills that formerly dominated Almonte, and the waterfalls they used for production.

Metcalfe Geoheritage Park

The geological display at Metcalfe Park lets visitors see unique rock samples of Ordovician age from the area, about 490 million years old. During that period, our part of Earth was closer to the equator and covered by water, making these significant specimens for study.

Mill of Kintail

Enjoy hiking or skiing on trails surrounding the mill or visit the R. Tait McKenzie museum to see renowned Canadian artwork and architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. You can also visit the museum dedicated to the inventor of basketball himself.

The Shops

Hummingbird Chocolate

This award-winning chocolate shop started out as a private hobby. However, it quickly turned into a passionate business employing talented people worldwide. Hummingbird is committed to creating sustainable and delicious chocolate. In 2016 they were even named the “best chocolate in the world” by the Academy of Chocolate!

Cheerfully Made                                                                                              

If you love craft fairs and creativity, you won’t want to miss stopping in at Cheerfully Made. They support local artisans and offer a variety of home, fashion, jewelry, bath and body, and paper products.

Peches & Poivre

Stop by this gourmet grocer for a selection of locally and regionally sourced fine foods. More than just a grocery store, this is a place where those who love food can gather to share stories and recipes in a warm environment.

The Restaurants


This local favourite is nestled in a heritage building along the river. It offers internationally inspired dishes made with local ingredients. If you’re looking for a balance of casual and fine food, this is the place to be! Don’t forget to try their fish tacos, one of the most popular menu items.

Crooked Mile Brewery

Offering British-inspired flagship ales and seasonal brews, this local brewery is the perfect place to unwind after a day touring Almonte. Aside from beer, they also offer brewery tours, a snack menu with local offerings, games and puzzles, and glassware for purchase.

Almonte Ice Cream Shop

This seasonal ice cream shop by the waterfalls is a local favourite for hard and soft ice cream cones, milkshakes, and sundaes.

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